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Sisters Kathleen McGuire; Barbara Muttra; Agnes Mueller; Mary Kolm; and Shirley Kolmer were all brutally raped and murdered by Charles Taylor and his criminals.
Nearly 16 years ago five Catholic nuns who were carrying out their unselfish work in Liberia were savagely rape and murdered. Now, almost 16 years after their gruesome killing, what appears to be the truth as to how and who killed, the Catholic nuns is finally been told. it was common knowledge to people, including me, who live in Monrovia at the time, that Charles Taylor and his criminals, during their so-called Operation Octopus when they besieged and were attacking Monrovia, were responsible for their death. At that time the Archbishop of Monrovia Michael Francis blamed rebels for killing the nuns, saying, “They call themselves freedom fighters, but they kill innocent people. . . . We pray for those liars.Following their gruesome murder, Charles Taylor dismissed the claims that his men committed the act. He blamed the incident on the ECOMOG, the west African peacekeeping forces that were helping the Liberian government to repel the Operation Octopus attack.But Morris Padmore,a former general of the rebel faction, has told the TRC hearing yesterday that NPFL rebel forces, were responsible for the killing of the Catholic nuns in the Barnerville area. he told the TRC public hearings that the sisters were ordered to be raped on the command of Gen. Christopher “Mosquito” Vambo, who was in charge of the octopus operation in 1992. After the rape, they were later killed with many fighters, thrusting sticks and other objects into their private parts and stomachs.
These women give up everything to help the poor and people in need in our country, and for that war criminal Charles Taylor, and his barbarians, to kill them in such horrific manner is beyond words. These people must be made to pay for their actions,these kind of barbaric crimes should never go unpunished, for these criminals to kill innocent people with impunity, is unacceptable. May the souls of these wonderful sisters rest in peace.

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The White House announced Friday that United States President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush will visit five countries in a one-week tour of Africa next month. the trip will be an opportunity for the President to review firsthand the significant progress since his last visit in 2003 in efforts to increase economic development and fight HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other treatable diseases, as a result of the United States robust programs in these areas. President and Mrs. Bush will travel to Africa from February 15-21, 2008. They will visit Benin, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, and Liberia. The President will meet with President Yayi, President Kikwete, President Kagame, President Kufuor, and President Johnson-Sirleaf to discuss how the United States can continue to partner with African countries to support continued democratic reform, respect for human rights, free trade, open investment regimes, and economic opportunity across the continent.
It will be the first time since 1978 that an American president visited Liberia.

Jimmy Carter visited Liberia in 1978, Thirty years prior to his visit, President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, also visited Liberia during the second world war in 1943.

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Today while searching the web for articles on the role of African countries intervention in the Liberian civil war for a School project i am doing, i stumble upon this article waging war to keep peace by the human rights watch organization http://www.hrw.org/reports/1993/liberia/.

In their report they claim that (1) when the NPFL attack Monrovia in October 1992, ECOMOG aligned itself with two of the warring factions, the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) and the United Liberation Movement for Democracy in Liberia (ULIMO), which are themselves responsible for serious human rights abuses. This has raised questions about ECOMOG’s commitment to human rights as well as its ability to act as a neutral arbiter of the conflict. (2) There have been many reports about ECOMOG involvement in looting and occasional harassment or detention of civilians, although ECOMOG has not been responsible for systematic human rights abuses in the territory it controls. However, there is serious concern about the civilian toll and violations of medical neutrality by ECOMOG’s air strikes in NPFL territory. There is no indication that ECOMOG has conducted investigations into these incidents.

This was one of the most one sided report i have ever heard or seen, i lived in Monrovia when Charles taylor and his thugs and criminals try to overrun the capital, in their socalled octopus operation, and if it was not for the west african peace force, we would not have made it out,The west is always quick to discredit any African effort, where were they when rebels indiscriminately bombed and targeted civilians in Monrovia?, i was on 22 street in Sinkor and i saw first hand some of what Charles Taylor and his NPFL did, people were been killed all over the city, and what was the official U.S policy? then Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, on November 11. After an off-the-record briefing given at Harvard University on November 4, Cohen was taped as saying:
ECOWAS is unfortunately no longer a neutral party…They are now one of the combatants.

The video above shows some of what we had to endure at the hands of these criminals.

I am glad Ecomog did all it could to protect us from those savages, i am glad they bomb the hell out of them, we who live in Monrovia at that time will always be thankful, and we will continue to give them their flowers, because they deserved it. Against all odds they were able to stop not only the carnage in Liberia, but also in neighboring Sierra Leone, and for that we will always be grateful. Thank you West Africa.

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Joshua Milton Blayee also known as the former General Butt naked now turned An evangelical pastor described the atrocities he and his men committed during the Liberian civil war, including magical rituals that involved slaughtering children and eating their hearts.
The former general spared no details on Tuesday as he told Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of his years with the now defunct ULIMO-J one of the most feared militias of the war. he said it was for the TRC to decide whether he should be given an amnesty or prosecuted.”I am willing to go to court if necessary,” he said. “And I will repeat just what I said here.” he also stunned the nation when he disclosed that a juju pot has been buried on the grounds of the Executive Mansion for the essence of providing maximal protection to the Executive and the late President Samuel Kanyon Doe.

Allen Nicholas, a former NPFL fighter, Also testifying said forces of the NPFL under the commend of the late Nelson gaye killed almost 600 men, women and children at Carter Camp. Nicholas also said the NPFL was responsible for the Duport Road Massacre. According to him, those who carried the mission bypassed ECOMOG before getting to Duport Road.
It will be hard for some of us to forgive and forget what these savages did.

Never again must we ever let these Barbarians take control of our country.

It is hard to comprehend what these people did to our country, what do we do now? do we forgive and let bygones be bygones?, What about the victims of these people cruelty don’t they deserved justice? we may forgive as a nation but how can we ever forget what these savages did? they have scar our nation forever, and i hope they live with that every single minute of their pathetic lives.

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As the trial of the former Liberian president, which started on the 7 of january, continues in Europe, many of us Liberians who saw first hand, his atrocities against the Liberian people could not help but think, finally justice will be given to thousands of people who died in this man senseless war, finally the once so called strong man of West Africa, must defend and answer charges of genocide not only against the Liberian people, but also against the peoples of Sierra Leone.
It is said that a suspect is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but the barbarity, and savagery with which Charles Taylor and his band of criminals wage their war was beyond comprehension.
stories of his soldiers opening up pregnant women to see if the child is male or female, and the amputation of arms and legs of innocent men, women and children are widely known.
These savages, should and must pay for their actions.

Here is a report about the Liberian civil war by ABC news.

There is not an ounce of respect i have in me for these people, they have ruin our nation, scar our children, and traumatize a whole generation forever, let Charles Taylor rot in hell, he did not give people a chance to defend themselves in court, why should we ordinary Liberians care? that man is the Devil incarnate, and as far as i am concern he will be perfectly fine in hell, where he belongs.We will never forget what he and his people did to our beloved country, and they must all pay and pay dearly for what they did.

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Here is a brief video history of Liberia, i found very interesting. from its humble birth as a nation to the present day.
Liberia was relatively calm until 1980 when William Tolbert was overthrown by Sergeant Samuel Doe after rice riots. Liberia Africa’s oldest republic, became better known in the 90s for its brutal and, ruinous civil war and its role in a rebellion in neighbouring Sierra Leone.

Today Liberia is trying to forget its recent past, and focus on nation rebuilding.

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The US government announced early in the year that the Defence Department was creating a US Africa Command headquarters to coordinate all American military and security interests throughout the continent, but a lot of African powers Including Nigeria, South Africa, and Libya have expressed reservations about a move that could signal an expansion of U.S. influence on the continent. Why is it that so many African powers are against The United states setting up its African commend on an African soil? the answer is simple, African nations, at least those run by dictators, like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe don’t want more Americans, and their democratic ideas, upsetting the status quo. and in their effort to stay in power, and continue stealing from their country’s Treasury, they have come up with pitiful excuses like, any AFRICOM facilities on African territory, will be a magnet that will attract terrorist to attack their countries.
Liberia on the other hand, has announce publicly that it is willing to host Africom, coming out out of almost two decades of civil war, and with our infrastructure, and economy in shambles, there is no telling that Several hundred, or even thousand, well paid American soldiers and civilians, would work wonders for the economy. and not to mention the huge financial incentive, and the creation of thousands of jobs that would come with Africom requests for basing rights.
Another reason we Liberians should welcome Africom is because it would give pause to any future rebel group, or military commanders contemplating a coup.We cannot afford to have another civil war, like the one we just got out of.There is no reason what so ever to fear Africom, i believe they will be a force for good on the continent, that’s why we wholeheartedly support our President, to not only bid that Africom be base on the continent, but we also support her effort to have Liberia host Africom.

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