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The two scammers

The two scammers

Police in Frederick Maryland say they’ve arrested two Liberian citizens who tried to scam the owner of a Chinese restaurant out of $100,000.
The men allegedly told the restaurant owner that they could counterfeit $100 bills by placing them between sheets of black paper and applying a chemical.
During the investigation, police officers learned that the two men, Liberian citizens later identified as Calvin Billfrank Swen, 44, of Jamaica, N.Y., and Radcliffe Reynold Howard, 41, of Philadelphia, initially visited the restaurant to ask about buying the business, according to the police.
On a later visit, they demonstrated the black-paper trick and asked the restaurant owner to give them $100,000, saying they could turn it into $4 million which would then be split evenly between them.
After several communications with the restaurant owner, police officers conducted surveillance operations and arrested the men as they entered the business.
Both men are now awaiting appearances before the District Court Commissioner.
I mean really how stupid are these guys to think that they would have gotten away with something like this? it infuriates me when people like these two bring unnecessary bad publicity to our community, Liberians are known to be hard working law-abiding people, and for these two crooks to bring such shame and disgrace to us is unforgivable.
An old saying back home says when your eye spoils, you can’t ask someone else to lent theirs to you, because they are Liberians, we the thousands of other law abiding Liberians apologize for what these fools did, there is no justification for what they did, and i hope they put behind bars for a very long time.


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Today is a sad day for us, members f the Liberian community in the United States. Today seven members of our community including a toddler, died when fire roared through a three-story home in southwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Friday night.

Six of the victims — three adults, a teen and two children — were found in the townhome’s basement, huddled together, Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers said.

A 2-year-old boy who was pulled from the burning house by firefighters was later pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital, Ayers said.

The medical examiner identified one adult and three children, and said the children died of smoke inhalation, while the adult died of smoke inhalation and burns. The four were identified as Henry W. Gbokoloi, 54, of Yeadon; 8-year-old Ramere Markese Wright-Dosso, 6-year-old Mariam Iyanya Dosso, and 1-year-old Zyhire Xzavier Wright-Teah, all from the same home on Willows Ave. in Southwest Philadelphia.

A family member holds a 2008 Christmas photo of the three child victims killed in a deadly house fire in Southwest Philadelphia: Zyhire Wright-Teah, 18 months, front left; Ramere Wright-Dosso, 8, back left; and Mariam Dosso, 7, front right.

The other victims still had not been identified.

The neighborhood is home to many of the city’s 15,000 Liberian immigrants. Soon after daybreak, Liberian community members began showing up to learn more about the victims.
Fire marshals have not yet released the cause of the blaze. But one survival said it started after a woman added fuel to a kerosene heater and, when it became too hot, tried to move it outside through the basement’s only door.

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The 24-year reign of Guinea’s president Lansana Conte , one of Africa’s longest-ruling president, ended in confusion and chaos on Tuesday as a group of soldiers seized on his death to announced a coup that was immediately challenged by government officials.
International reporters in the capital Conakry, are reporting the movement of dozens of heavily armored tanks and troops heading toward the prime minister’s office inside the presidential compound, and the city center. soldiers have set up check-points along the main roads into the city center, but so far there have been no reports of them abusing any citizens.

Guinean soldiers on armored vehicles patrols in the streets of Conakry

Liberians everywhere are monitoring the developments in Guinea our neighbor to the north with utmost concern. any instability in Guinea could spell serious trouble for us too. Any power struggle would be extremely dangerous, and could easily become a regional problem.
The Liberian leader Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her part in a statement expressed shock and great sadness at the passing of President Conte.

In her statement, she adds “On this mournful occasion, the Government and People of Liberia join me in extending to the brotherly people of Guinea heartfelt condolences for the irreparable loss sustained. Under General Conte’s administration, Guinea served as sanctuary for tens of thousands of Liberian Refugees”.


The Liberian leader hopes that during this period of national mourning and transition, the people of Guinea will continue to enjoy the blessings of peace and stability, saying “ The government and people of Liberia will always stand ready to identify with the Government and brotherly people of Guinea”.

While we all pray and hope that the situation in Guinea remains peaceful, our government must start making the necessary arrangement to bring home the thousands of our country men who sought refuge in that country during our own civil crisis. we cannot afford to let our people suffer another war when they have already been through enough already.
And the international community must do all it can to not let the situation in Guinea go out of control, Liberia will only enjoy peace when all its neighbors are at peace.

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Chairman Toibert and the Chinese delegation in Monrovia...
Chairman Toibert and the Chinese delegation in Monrovia…

A Chinese company promised over the weekend to spend 2.6 billion dollars on Liberia’s main iron ore mine at bong mines in the biggest investment ever made in the country’s history.
Speaking over the weekend at the National Investment Commission (NIC) offices where a team of government negotiators and a high powered delegation from the China Union Company held their first meeting, NIC Chairman, Dr. Richard Tolbert described the US$2.6 billion investment project as very important to the government of Liberia.

Presenting a graphic description of the investment project, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of China Union, Mr. Yin Fuyou disclosed that his company will construct a 130MW Hydro Power Plant on the St. Paul River to supply electricity to Monrovia and other areas.
Mr. Yin who spoke through an interpreter noted that Bong Mines will be transformed with modern facilities including a residential area for employees of the company. He said the company will also create an agricultural site where rice and other crops will be planted.
China Union, according to Mr. Yin, will also build a park where livestock will be raised. He said the ore that will be extracted from the mountains of Liberia would benefit every Liberian as the company will be producing steel in the country.

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