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The First Lady of Nigeria is visiting Liberia as guest of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Dr. Hajiya Turai Umaru Yar’Adua, arrived in the country Wednesday morning.

An Executive Mansion release says the Nigerian first lady was met on arrival by the Vice President and Mrs. Katumu Boakai, as well Nigerian Ambassador to Liberia, Ebenezer Adigun, at the Roberts International Airport.

Vice President Boakai welcome the Nigerian First Lady
President Sirleaf also welcome her guest at the foreign Ministry.

While in Liberia, Mrs. Yar’Adua will hold discussions with the Liberian leader and representatives of women groups on ways of strengthening collaboration between women of Nigeria and Liberia. The First Lady will also meet with a Nigerian peace keeping contingent serving under UNMIL (the United Nations Military Mission in Liberia.

The Nigerian First Lady joined President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Wednesday afternoon at the dedication of the dormitory building of the Tubman National Institute for Medical Arts (TNIMA). The building was renovated with funding provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The Liberian leader and Mrs. Yar’Adua later toured facilities of the John F. Kennedy Medical hospital to inspect progress and challenges at the Hospital.

Liberians are happy to have the Nigerian first lady in the country, we remember all too well the huge role Nigeria play in ending the civil war in Liberia, when everyone else just stood and did noting.

We welcome you madame first lady to our beloved and humble home, and we hope you enjoy your stay in our country.


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Military ruler Captain Moussa Dadis Camara

Military ruler Captain Moussa Dadis Camara

Some opposition and rights groups in Guinea our neighbor to the north are reporting that Foreign gunmen, including some speaking English with Liberian accents, took part in the mass killings of anti-government protesters in Guinea this week.
Mouctar Diallo who claim to be an opposition leader, said that “Among those who shot on people were some odd individuals who were not wearing the regular army uniform properly. They were speaking with Liberian accent in a language I do not understand” “They were drunk and clearly on drugs,” he added.

Police clash with the opposition in Conakry, Guinea’s capital.

Seriously this crap about Liberians being addicted to war and always in the Frey of trying to destabilize other countries in the region bullshit is enough, every time there is civil unrest in west Africa, Liberians are always accuse of being involved. it has got to stop. how can fermenting chaos in a sister country be of any benefit to Liberia? can you imagine what will happen if there were ever civil unrest in Guinea? just coming out of our own civil war and still struggling to find our own footing, How would Liberia ever deal with the influx of thousands of refugee that would inevitably cross the border trying to seek refuge? any instability in Guinea will spell serious trouble for our country too, so it is not in our national interest to get involve in their crisis.

And regarding the claim that some in the army were speaking with Liberian accent……… i say its ridiculous, there are thousands of Guinea nationals living in Liberia, some were even born there, i am sure some people in their military know how to speak English.

Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has called for “an emergency meeting” of the Economic Community of West African States on the crisis in neighboring Guinea.

“The president has sent a letter to the ECOWAS for this sub-regional body to convene an emergency meeting to discuss the situation in Guinea,” Information Minister Laurence Bropleh told the press on Friday in Monrovia.
“The president believes that we need as a regional body to get involved in Guinea because instability in Guinea means instability in the Mano River Union, and by extension in the ECOWAS region. Her approach is that ECOWAS and the International Contact Group on Guinea need to take the lead,” Bropleh said.

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