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Today i was reading an article on the Front page Africa website about two advocacy groups calling for regime change and declaring Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf a war crime suspects, therefore they are forbiding her not to represent the country in an official capacity unless she is vindicated in a court of law.
The two groups, the Forum for the Establishment of a War Crimes Court based in Liberia and Solidarity and Trust for A New Day based in the United States, are led by former presidential candidate T. Q. Harris, and Mulbah Morlu, two people who have no business what so ever, or the moral characters to be accusing anybody of anything, let alone to be making stupid and irresponsible declarations, and calling for regime change of a sitting President.
These fools love to sit in the United States and throw stones and hide their hands, they have nothing to offer the Liberian people but their stupidity, and when other people roll their sleeves to do the heavy lifting, they have the audacity to criticize them.
The President has proven time and time again beyond all doubts that she is able and willing to deliver the goods for the Liberian people, if anything in my opinion she is one of the best presidents Liberia ever had, and these fools must know, some of us who are admirer of the president, will defend her vigorously against such stupid and silly talks.
here is a video of some of the great work the president is doing.

Let T.Q Harris and Mulba Morlu be reminded that the president was duly elected by the Liberian people, and at such calling for regime change of a sitting President can be consider treason, so if they don’t have anything to contribute to the development of our country, they should just shut the hell up and let the lady do her job. Long live the President and Long live the peoples of Liberia.


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Liberian singing sansation Nimba Burr was born in Nimba Country, Liberia (West Africa). She started singing and dancing at the tender age of five in her hometown of Display, Nimba County. Because of her phenomenal talent, and through the Instrumentality of her uncle George W.W. Tubman, she became a member of the Liberian National Cultural Troupe.

Within a short time, this young singing sensation was introduced to the world. She is likened to a nightingale because of her powerful and melodious voice. In the early 1970”s when James Brown visited Liberia, Nimba Burr was the opening act for the godfather of soul’s historic concert in Monrovia.
Nimba Burr has toured many countries and shared the stage with well known performing artists from the United States, Caribbean and Africa. During FESTAC celebrations in Nigeria, she shared the stage with Hugh Masekala and Miriam Makeba of South Africa, Calypso Rose of the West Indies, the great Stevie Wonder and various other artists.
In 1992, she released her solo album NIMBA TABLET. “Color Boy”, the number one cut from that album topped the charts in Liberia.
Here is the latest smash hit music video from her call Jingy….

For the past years, she has traveled in and out of the United States, appealing to all Liberians and friends of Liberia to assist in developing their country.

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Ex-Liberian vice-president Moses Blah today entered the witness box to testify against his former boss Charles Taylor, who stands accused of war crimes in the Special Court for Sierra Leone. The Ex vice President told the court Libyan authorities trained Charles Taylor’s rebel force in the 1980s before it violently overthrew Liberia’s government. Blah said he was among about 180 fighters recruited by Taylor and flown to Libya in the late 1980s to undergo months of military training.

The fighters learned to use AK-47 assault rifles and surface-to-air missiles at a military camp near Tripoli, he said.
Blah said men from countries including Gambia, the Philippines and Sierra Leone were also trained at the camp.
Among them was Sam Bockarie one of the Sierra Leone rebels Taylor is accused of supporting.


Blah testified that Taylor met the future head of the RUF, Foday Sankoh, in the camp, where they were received by Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi.
Kadhafi gave Taylor half a million dollars after the Liberian was elected president in 1997, said Blah, who was ambassador to Tripoli at the time.


Moses Blah briefly served as Liberian president in 2003, taking leadership of the war-ravaged country after Taylor was
forced into exile. He is the 27th and highest-ranking witness to take the stand against Taylor since his trial began early this year

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