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Liberia still struggling to recover from war-induced economic crisis have emerged along with Rwanda among the top 10 countries in Doing Business 2010 ranking.
It is good news for Liberia. This year’s latest ranking of the World Bank ‘Doing Business Survey’ has showed that the country has done tremendously well than it did last year, even far more than expected.According to the latest ranking, the country has dived upward to 10th place, making it the second in the African region next to Rwanda and meaning that it has made huge improvement in the reform process.

it is now easier more then ever before in Liberia to start businesses, register property, protect investors, trade across borders, and even get access credit.


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Monrovia, Liberia

Monrovia, Liberia

Lately there have been a lot of talks among our lawmakers on capital hill in Monrovia about changing the Liberian Flag so as to quote on quote reflect the entire country………..These so called law makers just came up also with a brilliant idea about relocating the nation’s capital from Monrovia to God knows where in central Liberia, i mean what the hell…. our people don’t have even enough food to feed their families, the government is so broke it cannot even provide the most basic services such as running water, electricity, or even garbage services, how the hell are we suppose to come out with the money to move the capital? these uneducated fools in the senate and the house of representatives don’t have a clue about what they are doing or are suppose to be doing and are coming up with radical and crazy ideas about how they want Liberia to be like.

I am all for relocating the capital, i think its a fantastic idea, God knows Monrovia is way overcrowded, and it makes sense to move the capital inland for security and economic reasons, but frankly now is not the time. we are a post conflict country, and just staying afloat is a struggle, we have to prioritize what we want for our people and try to achieve it. it is absolutely outrageous to have children die in Liberia from malaria, and other preventable diseases, and it makes no sense what so ever to me to take money that would otherwise be going to build schools and hospitals for our children to relocating the capital.

As regards the changing of the Liberian flag, i am absolutely oppose to it, our flag and our history is unique in Africa, we should not be ashamed of who we are, or of our history……we should embrace it.
over 162 years of history as a sovereign nation, how are we suppose to change that all of a sudden, if we cannot appreciate our achievement and be proud of who we are, who will do it for us? we have evolve as a people, and we all know Liberia have seen better days, but in order to see better days again we must all do our part as patriotic sons and daughters of our great country, we must all remember that before glory there is suffering, we may be of many tribes but we are one people, with one common destiny, and one place that will always be home to all of us………………………. namely LIBERIA.

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Defense-Minister_tv_14Apr08 Liberia’s defense minister says police have  arrested six Pakistani men who tried to enter Liberia on fake U.S. passports with possible intent to carry out terrorism.

Defense Minister Brownie Samukai says the men were arrested earlier this week at the international airport. In a radio statement late Wednesday he said one of the suspects removed his phone’s SIM card and swallowed it as he was being arrested. Samukai did not give further details on what Liberian authorities believe the men were trying to do, where the men are being held or what charges they may face.

Officials say they believe the men’s U.S. passports were fakes.

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